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  • Ciaq provides you with the best Genomax lineup in the industry!



Ciaq provides you with the best Genomax lineup in the industry!

The16 sires presented on our proof sheet will meet all your requirementsand satisfy all your needs, whatever your breeding objectives may be.Genomax sires represent the most avant-garde and progressive choices,with different crossbreeds including sons of McCutchen, Supersire,Enforcer and the famous Doorman. Here are a few of these new superstars:

Supermanis the leader of the Top 100 LPI sires in Canada, nothing less. He isthe best Supersire son available, ranking #1 based on TPI. He excels inproduction with 2722 kg of milk. With a combined 216 kg of fat andprotein he is by far one of the most profitable Genomax sires!

Crywolfis an Enforcer son transmitting well balanced conformation traits toproduce functional cows (+12 Conf.). He provides outstanding productionindexes and health traits.

Armourstands out with an attractive and modern crossbreeding (Jabir xSupersonic) and a balanced proof. He provides high milk, fat and proteinyields and he gets a perfect score for health traits.

Arcois an excellent Shotglass son, born of a Dempsey dam, he presents wellbalanced indexes in all three major traits. He provides outstandingyields with a combined 118 kg of fat and protein. He is a feet and legspecialist and his daughters exhibit a troublefree milking ability with2.55 CS.


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