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Ciaq, your privileged partner in modern genetics


Ciaq offers you new sires combining superior type indexes and outstanding functional traits. Our objective is to allow you to develop profitable cows that are satisfying to work with.


0200HO03771 Ocd STARGAZER
(Super x Elegant)

STARGAZER is one of those bulls offering consistency and an easily identifiable pattern.

Mammary system quality is one of its key strengths. They are high and wide and they present an excellent texture. With a 2,477 kgs milk yield, it is safe to say that this sire delivers volume. He produces cows that are born to please, with an average stature, a functional rump, wide chests, excellent body condition despite a high milk production, and interesting functional traits. 

Garyann Stargazer Snow White, VG85-2Y 
Lazaubier Stargazer Sophie, GP83-2Y          
Reole Stargazer Janet, N.C.


0200HO06320 Cangen PINKMAN
(Super x Baxter)


With hisprofitability and longevity indexes, PINKMAN is the kind of sire thatwill meet the breeding strategies of several dairy breeders.

Out of the renowned KHW Regiment Apple-Red family, this Superstitionson transmits a balanced profile. His daughters present high milkindexes and exhibit functional rumps and quality feet andlegs. Pinkman’s most impressive trait is without doubt the qualityattachment and median suspensory of its mammary system. Also, with theirherd life (+112) and daughter fertility (+106) indexes, Pinkmandaughters have what it takes to remain in your herd for severallactations.

Dolphin Pinkman 861, GP83-2Y


0200HO02667 Duckett-BH SENNET
(G W Atwood x Shottle)

This bull presents a breeding patternthat will be appreciated by the most discriminating breeders. Hisdaughters are tall, stylish, long-bodied and wide-chested with a frameshowing true dairy strength. These traits are complimented by shapelywell-attached udders and desired teat shape and placement. Mammarysystems that should produce lots of milk over several lactations.

Doral Sennet Canada, VG85-2Y


0200HO02770 Sully Hart MERIDIAN
(Domain x Planet)

MERIDIAN obtains a MACE proof in production and becomes available while waiting for his official Canadian proof in August.

Meridian knows how to pass on to his offspring an attractive combination of strength, style and dairy traits. The first results are welcomed enthusiastically: he already has 16 VG at 2-Y, which brings his score to 82% TB and over. With over 2,500 kg Milk (MACEG), there is no doubt that his daughters will stand out with their exceptional production.

Gillette Walkhavern Asleep, VG86-2Y
Val-Bisson Meridian Doriane, VG88-2Y 


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