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From Genomax Stars to Proven Stars!

Tailored Canadian Selection Indexes

For the first time, Canadian producers will be able to use one of two national indexes, each tailored to different goals, to help make their selection decisions. The updated LPI (Lifetime Performance index) was designed to produce a balanced response for Production, Durability and Health & Fertility, with weights of 40%, 40% and 20% on these components, respectively. The new selection index, Pro$, is a tool designed for herds with a main goal of profit from milk sales. Pro$ maximizes genetic response for profitability over several lactations, leading to realized daughter profit on farm. (Source : CDN August 2015)


From Genomax Stars to Poven Stars!

0200HO02770 Sully Hart MERIDIAN
(Domain x Planet)

Confirms his breed leader status with his Canadian proof.

Sandy-Valley Mer Glamour-ET, VG87-2Y U.S.A.
Cedarwal Meridian Ebony, VG86-2Y
Val-Bisson Meridian Doriane, VG88-2Y


  • High producing cows (2006 kg M) and workable: 104 DF, 107 MS
  • Strong conformation (+13) to sustain this production

    - Very good mammary system at +13 and 9H
    - Quality attachments: + 10 front att. and +12 width
  • He presents all the strengths breeders are looking for, in addition to semen fertility at 62.


0200HO07450 Amighetti NUMERO UNO
(Man-O-Man x Shottle x Boss Iron)

Numero Uno's daugthers from U.S.A.


  • The former world numero "UNO" dominates at #2 LPI and # 4 Pro$.
  • Profitable cows that will stay in your herds for several lactations

   70 kg Fat (0.69%)        107 persist.    112 HL

  • Specialist of mammary system (+15)  and feet and legs (+13)

     Texture +18, median suspensory +15,
     +20 heel depth 


0200HO02774 Howard-View AFTERHOURS
(Aftershock x Goldwyn x Igniter) 

Du Petit Canton AfterH Martine, GP83-2Y

  • From the Laurie Sheik family
  • An attractive combination of production at 1975 kg M and conformation at +12
  • A feet and leg specialist at +14




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