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Holstein Genomax: 6 news Genomax Sires

6 rising stars complete this incredible offer, among the best for GPA LPI in Canada :

EAGLE : a DGV at 3534 GPA LPI, 162 kg for combined components, +13 for type and outstanding health traits

UPRIGHT : the best Kingboy son available in Canada with a DGV at 3470 GPA LPI, high deviations
( +0.42% F, +0.17% P) and 109 DF

Another well balanced El Bombero son
BARITONE : 1410 kg Milk, +16 Conformation, DGV at +15 MS, 111 HL, 2.41 SCS

The first Montcross son of our proof sheet
INVESTOR : leader in production with a DGV at 2286 kg for Milk and 173 kg for combined components as well as high DGVs for type (+14)

One of the best for Pro$ with $2545
1855 kg of Milk, combined with +14 for type and outstanding functional traits:
111 HL, 2.69 SCS and 109 DF

One red carrier who will steal the show
exceptional DGV at 3022 GPA LPI and a DGV at +17 for type; MS also at +17 (telephone orders).



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