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Genomax Holstein: Introducing 8 newcomers!

The Genomax lineup: always among the best! It has 16 sires in the Top, very modern, including 8 newcomers:

ADAGIO-P : The best polled sire available with an outstanding production!

AGENT-RED : Among the best Red Carriers available with Conformation at +13 (DGV)

APPLICABLE : A leader for LIP (DGV) at 3583 and scoring 3016 for Pro$ (DGV).

ARCHIMEDES : Superior performances with 2089 kg Milk and 171 kg combined (DGV).

CARDINALS : Impressive with 3541 LPI (DGV), and outstanding functional traits!

CAVIAR : His first daughters begin calving at +16 Conf.

COATICOOK : A leader in production at 2250 kg Milk (DGV) with Conf. at +17 (DGV)

DISPLAY : An impressive Pro$ (DGV) at 2940.

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