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  • Four proven sires are added to the Holstein proof sheet!



Four proven sires are added to the Holstein proof sheet!

0200HO03829 JK Eder-I CONTROL

Snowman x Bolton   



Earlen Control Lottery, VG86-2Y


·      High type sire to satisfy the most
       demanding breeders

·      #2 in Canada for type à +18

·      All the major traits for type at
       +11 and over

·      Positive health traits (108 HL),
       (101 DF) and (105 MR)


200HO03826 Gillette JEEP

Windbrook x Shottle    


Algerdale Lacey Jeep, GP84-2Y


·      The best Windbrook son for LPI transmitting
       solid production and type indexes

·      High production at 1455 kg for Milk and solid
       components (+0.18%) 73 kg Fat (+0.06%)
       55 kg Protein

·      Strong udder (+8) and attractive
       Feet & Legs (+13)

·      Positive Herd Life index (107) and
       most favorable SCS (2.70)


200HO02792 Sandy-Valley SALOON
Iota x Planet


Stevain Saloon Nouky, VG85-2Y


·       Ranking high for dairy strength and producing
        profitable cows, this sire truly makes his mark
        on both sides of the border

·       The best sire in Canada with 197 kg for
        combined fat and protein

·       #2 for American TPI

·       Perfect mating of Goldwyn families

·       Sire available on order


200HO06480 Val-Bisson DOORMAN
Bookem x  Shottle   



Superstar Doorman confirms his superiority
with the highest score in Canada at +19 and
ranking 2nd LPI with +3106.

EDG ATMS Adrenaline-ET, VG87-2Y


         Profitable cows :
·        91 kg combined fat and protein
         (0,45 % G, 0,35 % P)

·       +16 MS  +16 Fore Att.,,  +11 Rear Att. Width,
         almost perfect F&L at +14

·        +10 Foot Angle and an incredible +17 for
         Heel Depth

·        Outstanding dairy strength at +19

·        +10 for Stature, +15 for Chest Width
·        His daughters have everything to last several
         lactations: 106 HL 2,49 SCS 109 MR 108 DCA


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