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April Proof : Holstein breed

The April proof round is always a crucial moment in the industry. The baseline change brings a genetic readjustment in the entire population to measure the improvement that has occured during the past year.

This year, the genetic improvement for certain traits ranks as follows : 73 kg Milk, 5.1 kg F ,3.5 kg and 1.04 in conformation. In other words, all indexes have lost 1 point in conformation and they have succeeded in maintaining the same level of performance; (e.g. a sire at +10 becomes +9 even if his daughters are still performing very well).

Holstein Highlights :

Lautrust is back at #1 for LPI, followed by his maternal brother Lineman with a +2 increase in conformation. Also, Bombero makes a significant leap and reaches 2321 Pro$!

The Ciaq lineup welcomes 3 new proven sires :


Cabriol, Functional cows that will remain in your stable for several lactations

95 kg combined • +8 MS • +9 F&L (+12 heel depth, +8 rear leg rear view)

108 DV 107 RM 104 FF


Livewire Has a Pro$ at 2194 despite a typical profile

Attractive and hard working cows! 1723 kg of Milk

Ex aequo in third position for Conformation at +14 • +11 MS • +14 F&L


Attico-Red One of the best Reds available at 2911 for LPI

Very good balance for all traits • 1723 kg of Milk

Conformation at +11, +7 MS, +8 F&L , +7 DS and rump • 104 MR 106 CA





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