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April Proof: Jersey breed

Jersey Highlights

    ARCHER, first MACE for Pro$ at 2123
    2 sires in the Canadian Top 5 for Pro$
    3 sires in the Canadian Top 8 for LPI
    Always #1 for LPI, Vivaldi surpasses the #2 sire by 200 points and more
    A sexed offer that is always constant and very profitable


Proven Sire

  • Archer #1 for Pro$ at 2123
  • Remarkable production indexes with 2707 kg of Milk
  • Combined kg of Fat and Protein at 154
  • Interesting Conf. at +7 and MS at +8


Genomax Sire

  • Maker, Well balanced profile (production, longevity and functional traits)
  • Very good production on the DGV at 1224 kg of Milk, 97 kg of Fat and 64 kg of Protein
  • Interesting functional traits on the DGV (102 DF, SCS 2.85 and 102 HL)


  • Judo have an High Pro$ on the DGV at 2119
  • Well balanced longevity criteria on the DGV (11 Conf., 12 MS)
  • Interesting functional traits (107 HL, 106 DF)
  • From a family recognized worldwide, Fermar Paramount Joy

  • Durham,  Well balanced health profile on the DGV : 110 HL, 105 DF, 2.79 SCS)
  • Remarkable longevity profile on the DGV (12 Conf., 13 MS)
  • Outstanding Feet & Legs on the DGV at 9


  • Sly (6), Sire from the RiverValley lineup
  • Different lineup (Mirror X Megatron)
  • Kg of Fat extremely high on the DGV at 96 kg
  • Combined kg of Fat and Protein at 140

Nuance, EXTREME profile in Conformation

Impressive DGVs (Conf. at 17, MS at 16 and F&L at 9)

Functional traits above average for DGV (SCS at 2.68, DF at 102 and DV at 108)


The Sexxed Offer

  • Proven, Chronicle is well balanced profile (production, longevity and health traits)
  • Very good production indexes with 1793 kg of Milk
  • Interesting longevity criteria at 6 for Conf. and 7 for MS
  • Very impressive daughter fertility index at 107



    Completely, Sire showing an extremely high profitability

    • Exceptional production profile on the DGV at 2287 kg of Milk
    • Extremely high kg of Fat on the DGV at 113
    • Combined kg of Fat and Protein at 198



    SLY (6) SLY (6)


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