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Designed by EXPERTS for EXPERTS!

Designed by EXPERTS for EXPERTS!

ProGen is the culmination of a wide-scope project between Ciaq, The Semex Alliance and Eastgen. The project was undertaken to develop the most advanced sire recommendation program ever. The various uses of ProGen far exceed breeders' expectations. In fact, ProGen enables breeders in Québec and in other provinces to optimize the genetic improvements of their herds.

The Canadian Dairy Network (CDN) supplies CIAQ with the genetic and phenotypic files on approximately 5,500 Québec breeders who use genetic improvement tools, such as registration, milk recording and classification. With ProGen, these breeders receive sire recommendations after each genetic evaluation which is based on the most recent proofs. Breeders for whom we do not receive any information from CDN can also take advantage of the ProGen program through data collected on the farm by CIAQ representatives. ProGenExpress can transmit recommendations directly to the farm. This information is then forwarded to CIAQ where it is kept, thus entitling breeders to receive their sire recommendation reports when new genetic evaluations are published.

About Inbreeding

« In view of the increasing inbreeding level in all dairy breeds over the last 15 years, it is no longer acceptable to only consider three or four generations in the evaluation of the inbreeding level of a potential mating. This matrix, the only one of its kind in the world, will give breeders full confidence in the control of inbreeding for each of their matings and their whole herd. »

Brian Van Doormaal, CDN's General Manager

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