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The most extensive insemination network in Québec

One of the great strengths of CIAQ is the insemination service provided by more than 200 qualified technicians located all over Québec.


CIAQ’s A.I. Technicians provide quality service 365 days a year in more than 56 work zones. Good weather or bad, they make sure they can get to the dairy and beef farms to respond to the reproduction needs of each herd.

n addition to the technicians employed by CIAQ, we have a service agreement with a group of independent A.I. Technicians known as
Authorized Distributors”.


All these people are well-trained professionals providing valuable advice on reproduction and genetics.

Beef Sector

Two programs have been put in place to encourage the largest number of cow-calf producers possible to use artificial insemination:

• Price reductions for semen and
• Compensation for heat synchronization

For more details, please consult the beef sire catalogue

Skilled Personnel!

“In my view, CIAQ is an enterprise with really competent people! For three generations, we have worked with CIAQ A.I. Technicians and, thanks to their good advice, the efficiency of the herd has increased year after year.

Michel Houle, Ferme Amilait inc., Saint-Célestin, accompanied by Clément Aubry, inseminator for the Coeur-du-Québec zone.

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