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  • Preauthorized Payments



Preauthorized Payments

A Secure, Hassle-Free Way to Pay your Invoice!

Two Choices of Preauthorized Payments:

1. Direct Monthly Debits

Choose the payment date and authorize CIAQ to debit the amount of your invoice from your bank account.

2. Equal Installments

Together, we estimate your annual purchases and arrange for payment in 12 or 24 monthly installments, according to your budget. You then authorize CIAQ to debit that amount from your bank account.

Why use preauthorized payments? Because there are no surprises. You know the amount of your monthly payments. You choose payment dates. Planning your budget made easier!

Other Means of Payment!

There are four other ways to pay your invoices:

  1. Through Internet with AccèsD Affaires. Please allow a delay of four days when using this means of payment.
  2. Through your financial institution. Pay your invoice at the counter.
  3. By mail. Use the return envelope enclosed with your invoice to send in your payment.
  4. By calling your financial institution directly.

Payments must be received on the 30th day of the month to avoid paying administrative fees.

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