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Tandem Solutions

A state-of-the-art consulting service

Tandem Solutions

Solutions Tandem is an advanced consulting service offered free of charge so breeders and professionals in genetics can work together on the development and profitability of a herd.

With GenoPlan and ProGen, your advisor works for you!

The consulting service representatives use powerful computerized tools, such as GenoPlan and ProGen, as two key elements in obtaining specific breeding objectives. These are concrete ways to facilitate the selection work by breeders and to improve the profitability of the herd.

  • GenoPlan, software exclusive to CIAQ, allows you to track the progress of your herd and to analyze its genetic potential. It is a tool that can help you monitor the effectiveness of herd management and adapt your breeding strategy. Lastly, it serves as an ideal guide in the selection of females.
  • Thanks to GenoPlan, the personalization of your ProGen recommendations becomes much more accurate. ProGen is an essential tool for mating selections and to control inbreeding.

CIAQ certified representatives

In order to offer consulting services of the highest quality standards, some 70 representatives located in all regions of Quebec have been certified following 70 hours of theoretical and practical training as well as a monitoring of the skills acquired. CIAQ certification is not just an end in itself as the representatives are now supported through continuing training. This is aimed at ensuring a high level of knowledge amongst our representatives. The training is part of a “coaching” process to support their development and ensure that they are constantly looking for new product and service developments in order to provide the best possible service to their clients.

Furthermore, almost 70 representatives are capable of providing consulting services for dairy production and 10 representatives have taken the training to become “Beef Certified” in order to be able to advise cow-calf producers.

To find out more about Solutions Tandem please get in touch with the consulting service representative in your region.



Bravo for Solutions Tandem!


“Solutions Tandem has changed my vision for breeding! With the help of my consulting service representative, we looked at improving each family of cows in my herd using the most appropriate Semex sires for our goal of profitability.”

Éric Grégoire, Ferme Séric inc., Napierville, accompanied by Denis Martin, advisory service representative.

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