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Breeding problems? We can help you!

No bull, regardless of how good he is, can be suited for all females in the herd for all purposes.

If you recognize yourself in one of the following situations, artificial insemination may be of you to you.

Problem probable cause possible solution
Deterioration in the maternal qualities of the herd (milk, fertility, longevity). Overuse of terminal breeds in order to get the maximum from the sale of calves. Use A.I. for part of the herd with bulls that have the potential to sire quality replacement females.
Examples : Sitz 7674, Soder Canyon, Boomer, Optimum, Razzmatazz, Bradock.
Calving difficulties with heifers
Often the result of the above-mentionned situation. Have heifers A.I.'d with sires renowned for calving ease.
Examples : Soder Canyon, Sitz 7674, Joey, Freedom Fog, Next Big Thing, Senator, Scotty, Moscow.
Decrease in the market value of calves (weight and muscling). Overuse of English breeds. Have adult cows A.I.'d with sires offering strong growth and muscling.
Examples : Hank, Suprême, Gaspard, Thunderstruck, Montana, Bradock, Stride.
High feeding costs and/or bad fleshing condition of cows. Resources that are not well adapted to the maintenance needs of large sized animals. Use of A.I. sires with rustic type.
Examples : Serenade, Emblazon, Freedom Fog, Global, Major Leroy, Optimum, Bradock.
High budget allocated to the purchase and maintenance of several bulls. Large herd and/or pasture broken up in several plots requiring the breeder to place a bull on each site. Synchronization and fixed-time A.I. allowing for the replacement of a certain number of bulls by additional cows.

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