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Well-planned matings where each breed is used according to its specialty will allow you to minimize production costs and to maximize revenues thanks to the breeding of rustic and moderately framed cows able to wean calves that are sufficiently heavy. The table hereafter presents a strategy that can help you reach this objective. It essentially consists of having replacement heifers produced by young females in the herd and having all adult cows (3 years and over) mated to terminal sires. The mid-term benefits obtained through the use of such a system are many : decreased calving problems for heifers, maximum exploitation of hybrid vigor, moderate sized and polled cows, calves meeting the needs of the industry thanks to matings between English and exotic breeds offering the growth, the muscling and the marbling sought-after by the market.  


Of course, the use of artificial insemination will be a great help by giving you access to a wide range of high caliber sires while reducing your needs in walking bulls.

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