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Our Dairy Sires

Our Dairy Sires

Selection of Young Genomic Sires


Why Genomax:

  • To benefit from a choice of young sires with high GPA’s
  • To increase genetic gains by using sons of popular bulls
  • For known traits such as semen fertility or ease of calving

How to Optimize your Herd’s Genetic Progress:

This product complements proven sires and young sires. The reliability of their GPA indexes are similar to those of PEP sires. Considering the lower reliability of GPAs compared to proven sires, it is recommended that breeding decisions be orientated as follows :

  • Use between 40 and 50% of doses from sires selected based on their GPA by combining PEP and GENOMAX sires
  • Use many different sires with GPA’s; aim at producing one or two females with each sire
  • Always use a high proportion of elite sires with reliable proof


  • A2A2
  • Newly Proven Sire
  • Repromax
  • Immunity +
  • Mace Proof
  • To Order
  • Female sexed semen available on request
  • Red Factor Carrier
  • Special
  • Robot

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