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List of A2A2 sires available at Ciaq.

A new Semex icon has been added on the proof sheet. Beta-casein, one of milkís proteins is present in two forms, A1 or A2. The A2 form is reportedly renowned worldwide as being better for our health. The difference between the two forms of beta-casein comes from a genetic mutation.

As a result, genetics is the only way to obtain cows that will produce A2 milk.

A cow receives half of her genetic make-up from her sire and the other half from her dam. If she receives the A2 type from both parents, she will be A2/A2. However, if one parent transfers the A1 type to the cow, then she will be A2/A1.

The only way to have cows that are 100% A2/A2 is to use parents that are 100% A2/A2.

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