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is the trade name for any semen cocktail marketed by The Semex Alliance in collaboration with CIAQ and its partners in order to improve conception rate. Also known as heterospermic semen, these products contain the semen of three different sires on one straw and this combination is known to improve conception rates.

Let us recall that the primary goal for the use of heterospermic semen is first and foremost to increase the probability of getting problem cows “in calf” and it is in no way the miracle solution to fertility problems.

For producers wishing to register the heifers, in the majority of cases, the animals will be eligible to registration based on a visual appreciation. When in doubt, a confirmation through DNA analysis will avoid any confusion. Parentage tests (dam and daughter) are at breeder's expense.

Repromix cocktails presently available: 

Holstein Combination of sires
Repromix 45 200PS0045 
 Rockymountain Tribute (HO)

Rockymountain Lochinvar (HO)

 Benner Barman (HO)
Repromix 38 200PS0038 
Mr Chartroi Laurento-ET (HO)
Rockymountain Lochinvar (HO)
Roylane Flex-ET  (HO)
Repromix 32 200PS0032 
Sandy-Valley Artistic-ET (HO)
All Lynns Vinnie-ET (JE)
Son In Law  (AN)
Repromix 43 200PS0043  
Covington Milad-P-ET (JE)
 GF Son In Law  (AN) Roylane Flex-ET (HO)
colored breeds
Combination of sires
Repromix 47 200PS0047 
Yosemite Promotion-ET (JE)
 Sunset Canyon Insight-ET (JE)
Ahlem Ratcliffe-ET (JE)

Repromix 17 200PS0017

D'Albanel Jurassic (AY)
Top Acres JSC Shebang (BS)
Posthaven Polled Urban Cowboy (LM)
Repromix 33 200PS0033
Covington Milad-P-ET (JE)
Orthridge DA Bomb-P-ET (JE)
Sun Valley Prevue-P-ET (JE)
Beef sires
Combination of sires

Repromix 48 200PS0048

PHS Bank Roll 345B (SM)
Cedardale Yellowstone 25Y (CH)
Posthaven P Zansibar (LM)

 List of all cocktails

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